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We design and manufacture wide range of 100 LPH RO plant’s. Commercial RO Plant 100 LPH  is best suited for offices, hospitals, schools, nursing homes, commercial buildings, etc… RO Water Plant 100 LPH comes with production capacity ranging from 200 liters per day to 800 liters per hour for various domestic, commercial and applications. 100 LPH Water Purifier is suitable for purifying water from different sources like tap/ground/ municipal/bore well, etc..

100 LPH RO Plant Industrial


All our Industrial 100 LPH RO plants are designed and engineered to suit the individual necessity of the purified water, which differs from ordinary drinking application to the particular utilization, for example, food preparing, pharmaceuticals and boiler feed requirements. Our 100 LPH RO Plant Industrial is very carefully engineered to save space and waste water flow from system, to ensure profitability and reliability of water purification system. 

Application Areas for industrial reverse osmosis system – 100 LPH

  • Drinking Water For Small Offices
  • Boiler Feed For Small systems
  • Food Processing Units
  • Process Water For Industrial Applications


We offer sturdy and compact 100 LPH RO Plant that is the best filtration and purification system to fulfill drinking water needs in domestic and commercial premises. Commercial RO Plant 100 LPH systems are best suited for producing high-quality pure drinking water. 100 LPH Water Purifier is ideal for hospitals, institutes, colleges, schools, etc…100 LPH RO plant price is very competitive in current water treatment market. Soaking up the innovative advances, we offer water treatment answers for diverse enterprises. As a presumed maker and provider, we give Industrial Reverse Osmosis Plants and Systems that show a mix of value and designing greatness. We have set up ourselves as a main specialist organization in the field of water treatment plants, frameworks and gear. Our difficult work and assurance to exceed expectations in the zone of water treatment have taken this far. We give our inventive and practical water treatment arrangements like Industrial RO Plants, Ultrafiltration Systems, Institutional RO Plants, Water Softening Plants and so on to pharmaceutical and synthetic businesses, nourishment and refreshment enterprises, inns, instructive establishment, and so on. our customer base is continually expanding because of our duty to greatness in the field of water treatment. Our water treatment arrangements run incorporates Industrial Reverse Osmosis plants, Institutional Reverse Osmosis Plants, Domestic Reverse Osmosis Plants, Water Dispensers, Water Filter Cartridge, Water Purifiers, Water Softeners and Water Treatment Chemicals.




Purification capacity

100±20 Liters per hour *

Max Duty Cycle

500-700 liters per Day


3 No’s

Purification Stages

1) Sediment

2) Carbon

3) Sediment

4)RO Membrane

5)Post Carbon Filter

6) TDS Controller

RO Membranes

300 GPD (3 units)

Solenoid Valve

220 V

Minimum Inlet  Water Pressure

0.3 kg/sq. cm

Maximum Inlet water Pressure

2 kg/sq. cm.

Input Voltage Max

300V  AC ( 50Hz)

Operating Voltage

24V DC

Input water Temperature

Min 5 Celsius & Max 50 Celsius

Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)

Up to 1500 ppm

Total Hardness

500  ppm (max)

Rejection of TDS

Up to 93%


Up to 30%

Dimensions (mm)

W 550 x D 300 x H 900

Net Weight

40 kg.

Power rating

250 W

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