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We PFS Water Treatment Engineering are preferred choice among our customers for providing 250 LPH RO plant. Offered Reverse Osmosis Systems are recognized because of their sturdy construction, operational reliability and ease of installation. With excellent water purification capacity of 250 liters per hour system therefore requires very less floor space. These systems are preferred in wide sectors like schools, colleges, hospitals, institutes, commercial buildings, small and medium industries for their drinking and process water requirements. Above all these plants are offered at very competitive prices therefore preferred by most organizations and individuals.


  • Sturdy Design
  • Long Life
  • Reliable Operation
  • Low maintenance
250 lph ro plant


The proposed 250 LPH RO Water Purifier is intended to deliver purified water at the stream pace of 250 LPH dependent on Reverse Osmosis Technology. Water is gone through after various stages for procedure of filtration and detachment in bundled drinking water plant process. To desalination of the raw water for example to decrease total dissolved solids. By utilizing semi permeable membrane channel components, where particle filtration process is completed by applying pressure on one side of the water. So on other side of semipermeable membrane we will get low salt water with low TDS and High immaculateness. Here should deplete the water at one side to Wash the Membrane channel components ceaselessly due to filtration process there is not something to be contaminated in the framework. Regularly the R.O. Framework comprises of spirally twisted R.O Membranes with FRP Pressure tubes. The R.O framework is offered for salt decrease in order to accomplish the ideal rewarded and purified  water quality. RO Membranes typically rejects dissolved solids by 90 – 95 % of total dissolved solids.


PFS Water Treatment Engineering  is the most eminent firm in water treatment industry for manufacturing 250 LPH Industrial RO Plant, due to reliable development, combined with an alarm comprehension of client’s needs and requests.


  • Simple and Convenient to utilize
  • Sturdy design
  • Energy effective
  • Low maintenance
  • Compact
Scheme : – 
  • Pressure sand filtration
  • Activated carbon filtration
  • Anti Scalant Dosing
  • SMBS Dosing
  • Micron cartridge filtration
  • Reverse Osmosis Membranes
  • Ultra violet irradiation
Working Modes : – 
  • Manual
  •  Semi Automatic
  • Fully Automatic


We PFS Water Treatment Engineering are one of the premier producer and provider of a broad range of RO Water Plant 250 LPH. which gives purged water and fundamentally utilized in different modern and business divisions. The offered reverse osmosis system is planned remembering high viability, unwavering quality, longer help life and requires least consideration. Inferable from watertight execution, imperviousness to rust, conservative plan, simple to introduce and great style, this is enormously acknowledged among our esteemed clients. Because of financially savvy evaluating, this framework is the favored decision of our supporters.


  • Filtration: Suspended Solids, Chemical Impurities, suspended oils and grees, smell, bacteria,etc
  • Pre Filtration: Sand Filter, Activated Carbon Filter, Micron Filter 5 microns
  • Post Filtration: Ultra violet irradiation, re mineralization. 
  • Working Conditions: TDS up to 2500 ppm, pH ranges 2 – 11
  • Working Mode: Manual, Semi Automatic, Fully Automatic.
  • Monitoring  Accessories: Control Panel, Pressure Gauges, Flow Meters and online TDS meter, etc
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