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RO Plants

Industrial Water and Wastewater Treatment Solutions

RO Plants - 100 LPH - 250 LPH - 500 LPH - 1000 LPH - 2000 LPH - Custom Capacity RO Plants

We provide / manufacture a extensive range of Industrial RO water treatment plants, mostly designed and manufactured to treat tap water, brackish water and sea water to produce purified water of required quality. Range of RO plants, RO plant price we manufacture starts from a 100 LPH (Liters per hour) to 20 M3 per hour for treating water of TDS up to 45,000. All our industrial reverse osmosis water treatment plants are cautiously custom designed and configured to in shape the individual requirement of the output water, which varies from everyday drinking water utility to the specific usage like food Processing, prescription drugs and boiler feeding requirement. We offer best water treatment and RO plant price in water treatment industry. This is achieved by treating raw water with Industrial RO Water Treatment Plant specially designed and constructed with selective membranes for specific purposes. Selection of membranes is completely based on complete raw water chemical analysis for water available in particular locations.


Product Details Speciications 
Name PFS – 100
Purification Capacity (Liters per hour) 80 – 150 
Filtration stages 4
Water Recovery Rate (%) 45 – 55 
System Applications Commercial RO Plant,
Industrial RO Plant Water Purification Plant
Drinking Water Plant for institutes, Hospitals, Offices, Colleges, Schools, etc..
Electricity Phase Req.

Pure and clean water is a want at this point in time. There are many blessings of drinking clean and decontaminated water as pure water is freed from a damaging germs and viruses that may leave people willing to lethal ailments like cholera, diarrhea, fluorosis, pneumonia, and so on. Since water contamination is increasing hastily we’ve got come to the point, where all our water sources along with civil framed water supply, streams, wells, lakes and even the glaciers are more or less polluted. From over years we are manufacturing and supplying wide array of 100 LPH RO plants for providing pure and safe drinking water at very reasonable prices.


Product DetailsSpecifications
NamePFS – 250
Purification Capacity (Liters per hour)200 – 300 
Filtration stages5
Water Recovery Rate (%)45 – 55 
System ApplicationsCommercial RO Plant,
Industrial RO Plant Water Purification Plant
Electricity Phase Req.

PFS Water Treatment Solutions offer our product PFS – 250 LPH RO Plant price to our valuable customers with 250 Liters per hour water purification magnitude of considerable importance. This product comes with high quality industry standard components which are manufactured by worlds top ranked water treatment equipment manufacturing companies for better sustainability and performance reliability of product. 250 LPH RO PLANT is pre – engineered and compact in size reverse osmosis water purification system that comes with performance guarantee of reducing total dissolved salts (TDS) by 90 – 98 % from water to be treated.Reverse Osmosis has won extensive recognition and acceptance due to its simple operation and the ability to face up to versions in feed water quality RO plant is a portable water purification system with disinfection and decontamination of water as primary goal. Plant is equipped with best in quality pre treatment filters i.e. sand filter, carbon filter and cartridge filters to ensure inlet water quality as per design considerations. High quality next generation RO membranes reduce total dissolved solids by 95 – 98% to produce pure and safe drinking water. Post Treatment of ultraviolet radiation effectively decontaminates water from all geogenic and pathogenic contamination. Our valuable customers can avail this product in FRP and SS 304 as main construction material at affordable RO plant price. 


Product DetailsSpecifications
NamePFS – 500
Purification Capacity (Liters per hour)400 – 600 
Filtration stages5
Water Recovery Rate (%)45 – 55 
System ApplicationsCommercial RO Plant, Community water treatment plant, Water Purification Plant
Electricity Phase Req.

PFS’s 500 LPH RO Plant is one among all sturdy and reliable water treatment product we manufacture. Precision engineered and compact sized product works continuously and hassle free for producing pure and safe drinking water for our clients. Like our most products these plant have capability eliminate practically and nearly all contaminants like dirt, sediments, dissolved gases, solids, harmful bacteria & viruses, dissolved heavy metals, etc…

Membranes, electrical & electronic components that are used for manufacturing these plants are of high industry and market standards thus making these plants more trustworthy and technologically sound. Backed with the aid of group of expert engineers, we’re engaged in manufacturing world class enormously superior RO water treatment plant of widespread potential 500 liters per hour with potential to effectively cast off suspended and dissolved solids and impurities from water. RO Plant is robustly designed for industrial packages and regularly set up to provide drinking water. Moreover RO Plant comes in compact and pre-engineered module mounted on rustproof stainless steel skid which offers quick installation, ready to use and ease of operation with ensuring cost effectiveness by consuming less power. 


Product DetailsSpecifications
NamePFS – 1000
Purification Capacity (Liters per hour)900 – 1100 
Filtration stages5
Water Recovery Rate (%)45 – 55 
System ApplicationsWater ATM,
Community water treatment plant, Water Purification System
Electricity Phase Req.1ϕ or 3 ϕ

1000 LPH RO Plant is most trusted and widely renowned product for having all necessary features and components that are neatly fitted in precise manner to produce safe, healthy and hygienic drinking water. These plants are skill fully designed and build with superior degree of excellence, distinctive quality of material for long lasting service period and trustworthiness. Carefully fabricated in compliance with industry set level of attainment for obtaining maximum purified water recovery rate. Application areas for these plants include schools, colleges, hospitals, industries, institutions, societies, communities, etc…

Mostly incorporated and installed to produce decontaminated drinking water for cool water jar plants with our other chiller products like 2 tonne chiller, 3 tonne chiller and 5 tonne chiller. Community based drinking water projects also prefer these plants with water vending machine or card/coin based water ATM’s for providing drinking water in rural areas, water scarcity affected areas where available drinking water resources are either contaminated or not as per drinking water standards. We are widely recognised enterprise engaged in developing innovative exceptional RO Plant. The contemporary filtration method of reverse osmosis makes those plants extraordinarily reliable and broadly demanded. Membranes used for desalination are world class high quality premium grade membranes from worlds no.1 membrane manufacturers which purifies water at its best. The supplied plants are manufactured with compliance to set industry standards and available in FRP construction material. These plants are geared up with quality first-rate filtration membrane and carbon filter, which end result is pure and secure consuming water. Featuring sturdy assembly done with industry authorised components, easy installation and quick and lowest maintenance RO Plant  is very competitive. 


Product DetailsSpecifications
NamePFS – 2000
Purification Capacity (Liters per hour)1900 – 2100 
Filtration stages5
Water Recovery Rate (%)45 – 55 
System ApplicationsCool Water Jar Plant, Industrial water treatment plant, Water Purification System
Electricity Phase Req.1ϕ or 3 ϕ

We are renowned as principal entity actively engaged in designing and manufacturing first-class widely demanded Industrial RO Plants. Specially engineered RO Plant offers pure and safe drinking water. Offered plant is reckoned for its effective filtration pace and power efficiency. These plants produce high quality water with membrane separation approach backed by pre-treatment and post treatment high end technologies, where all bacteria, excessive TDS and dangerous substances are removed from raw water. Further, RO Plant features robust and sturdy design which is achieved through implementing world class high quality components. Product is available at very nominal cost and in different specifications to our valuable customers. RO Plant is available in FRP and SS 304 as construction material. One of the most recognized and acclaimed products of ours is 2000 LPH RO plant which available in various operating modes like manual, semi – automatic, automatic. 


We are manufacturer / supplier of high capacity RO Plants i.e. Plants having purification capacity up to 20,000 litres per Hour. These plants are designed and constructed as per the raw water and treated water requirements for each and every application. High Capacity RO Plants are custom made with precision engineering under the stern direction of talented technocrats. These water treatment plants are manufactured with quality components and contemporary techniques in synchronisation with industry standards. These plants are available as ISI and Non ISI Plants in various specifications. Like our most products these units are extremely space saving, with minimum maintenance and high operational reliability.

Industrial Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment can be divided into three stages

· Pre Treatment

· Desalination

· Post Treatment


Pre Treatment

As sources of raw water are surface water, well water and bore well water it usually more or less infected by way of suspended debris, those suspended debris are successfully eliminated with media filtration commonly a sand filtration however depending upon exceptional water to deal with dual media filtration can be cautioned. Our predominant water supply is civil body water sources (Treated via Chlorination) that could incorporate free chlorine that could adversely affect life span and efficiency of RO membrane. This loose chlorine could be very efficaciously removed both via sodium bisulfite or activated carbon filtration. Depending upon the application RO membranes are vulnerable to scaling and work in confined frame of pH. Addition of scale inhibitors and pH adjustment chemicals reduces the chance of scaling in membrane. Final filtration process is cartridge filtration to make sure water feed to RO membrane is safe up to five microns.


Desalination is a process in which all dissolved solids and ions are eliminated by means of passing water from RO membranes made of composite poly-amide material. Here water is passed via very small pores of 0.002 microns size to dispose of all dissolved solids, ions, pathological infection and dissolved gasses.

Post Treatment

Post Treatment includes treating product water by means of ultra violet radiation which guarantees removal of pathogenic contamination