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We design and manufacture wide range of Water Treatment Plants for industry specific applications. Water Treatment Plant works on different mechanism from depth filtration to advance membrane filtration systems.

DM Plant

Water Softener

With years of experience in water and waste water treatment industry PFS Water Treatment Engineering offer wide assortments of water softening systems. PFS water softener is very efficient in removing almost complete hardness present in raw water to prevent undesirable scaling in water applications. The Water Softening Plants are intended to create treated Water to suit for different applications. Treated water is of consistency quality with low leftover hardness all through the administration cycle. The high engineered pitch is utilized to trade Sodium particle with hardness shaping Calcium and Magnesium particles. In the wake of creating wanted yield, the gum is recovered with Sodium Chloride arrangement after which unit is again prepared to treat next batch. The Water Softening Plant units are accessible with various models. The contrast between these models is in the quantity resin utilized for each model. These units are anything but difficult to work and upkeep free. These models are accessible to deliver different limits up to 100 Cubic meters of water.

Key Features

  • Prevents Scaling in pipelines, which reduces flow rates.
  • Prevents scaling in heating and cooling equipment’s, which reduces rate of heat transfer.
  • Prevents scaling on bathroom furnishings, vehicles,  laundry equipment’s, etc.

Demineralization Plants -( DM Plant )

It is quite difficult to clearly define deionized water and demineralized water. Demineralization is any process which is used to expel minerals from water, however the term “Demineralization” is limited to ion exchange processes. Deionization is a process which utilizes uniquely manufactured resins which removes ionized salts from water. These processes can hypothetically remove 100 % of salts. Deionization normally does not evacuate organics, infection or microscopic organisms aside from through “incidental” catching in the pitch. Some common techniques for producing demineralized / deionized water are..

  • Distillation (Oldest and best known method)
  • Membrane Processes 
  • Ion Exchange Systems
  • Electro Dialysis 

Best economical and widely accepted way to produce demineralized / deionized water is by ion exchange processes. Dissociated ions like calcium, magnesium, sodium, copper, iron, chlorides, sulfates, nitrates, etc are commonly  found ions in water bodies. These ions are major contributors in scaling and fouling process equipment’s like cooling towers, boilers, storage’s, reactors, process piping’s, heat ex changers, etc.  Demineralized water is produced by equipment’s working on principles of ion exchange and degasification.

Ultra Filtration Plant - UF Plant

Ultra Filtration ( UF Plant ) is a technique used to purify surface and ground waters from suspended solids, all micro organisms like bacteria, viruses, germs, etc and colloids. Ultra filtration is commonly used as pre treatment for Reverse Osmosis systems. For complete removal of viruses ultra filtration is used. UF membranes can reject particles in range of 0.1 micron – 0.001 microns from fluids. Some industry applications for ultra filtration systems

  • Dairy Industry (Milk and Cheese Production)
  • Mechanical Industry (For separating oil and water emulsions)
  • Food Industry (Protein manufacturing)
  • Textile Industry
  • Packaged Drinking Water Production
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