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100 LPH RO Plant price

Price starting from 45,000/-

100 LPH RO Plant Price

100 LPH RO Plant

100 LPH RO Plant Price

A 100 Liters Per Hour (LPH) Reverse Osmosis (RO) plant – 100 LPH RO Plant Price –  represents a compact and efficient water purification system designed to provide clean and safe drinking water. Employing the principles of reverse osmosis, this plant effectively removes contaminants, impurities, and dissolved solids from water sources, producing high-quality, potable water. The 100 LPH capacity makes it suitable for small to medium-scale applications, such as households, offices, small businesses, and community setups. The RO process involves the use of a semipermeable membrane that selectively allows water molecules to pass through while blocking the passage of dissolved salts, minerals, and pollutants. This ensures that the output water is not only clear and free from visible particles but also free from harmful substances like heavy metals, chemicals, and microorganisms. With its user-friendly design and dependable purification capabilities, the 100 liters per hour RO plant addresses the growing need for reliable and accessible clean water solutions in various settings.

Benefits of the 100 LPH RO Plant

  1. Comprehensive Purification: The 100 LPH RO plant price guarantees a thorough purification process, eradicating up to 99% of contaminants. This includes chemicals, bacteria, viruses, and particulate matter, providing a level of water purity that conventional filtration methods struggle to achieve.

  2. Versatile Applications: With a capacity of 100 litre’s per hour, this RO plant is ideal for a range of applications. It can cater to the needs of households, small offices, educational institutions, medical facilities, and community centres, ensuring a consistent supply of safe water.

  3. Improved Taste and Odour: Alongside removing impurities, the RO process significantly enhances the taste and odour of water. This makes it not only safer to drink but also more appealing to the senses.

  4. Reduced Environmental Impact: The use of an RO plant can lead to a reduction in the consumption of bottled water, thereby curbing plastic waste and lowering the carbon footprint associated with packaging and transportation.

  5. Cost-Effective Solution: 100 LPH RO Plant Price – While the initial investment might be higher, the long-term benefits of having a 100 LPH RO plant outweigh the costs. It eliminates the need for recurring expenses on bottled water and can contribute to better health outcomes, potentially reducing medical expenses.


The 100 Liters per hour RO plant finds its relevance in a variety of settings:

  1. Households: It ensures that families have access to clean drinking water, promoting health and well-being.

  2. Offices: By providing employees with safe water, workplaces can enhance productivity and employee satisfaction.

  3. Educational Institutions: Schools and colleges can ensure students’ health isn’t compromised by offering purified water.

  4. Healthcare Facilities: The plant aids hospitals and clinics in maintaining strict hygiene standards and preventing waterborne diseases.

  5. Community Centre’s: Such centre’s can serve as distribution points for clean water in areas with limited access to safe drinking water.